While it’s true, TitanFlex’s innovative design makes it illegal for use in ITU races and other UCI-controlled events like the Pro Tour, that doesn’t mean that ITU and elite road racers can’t gain advantage from the unique benefits of TitanFlex.

Maximize your training with a TitanFlex, even if it’s not your race bike


Minimize Negative Impacts of Training 

Concentrate on performance gains, and reduce back and core fatigue, during your training rides. Show up on race day after managing a higher training volume, and feeling less worn down.

Having recovered from a spinal cord injury, elite training on the bike did not seem within reach because of the discomfort I would experience in my back after just the first hour of riding. With the use of TitanFlex, I'm able to complete the required volume and intensity of bike training without any discomfort.

Lukas Verzbicas,  professional triathlete
  @LukasVerzbicas heading out of T1 on his TitanFlex.

Adjustable Geometry

You can easily change the effective seat tube angle to match upcoming races/goals. Extending or contracting the titanium boom increases or decreases the effective seat tube angle. It’s as simple as adjusting your seat post height. With this adjustability, you can match the geometry of your race bike, exactly, or turn it into an aggressive TT/Tri racer (or anywhere in-between). 



Race-Ready for Draft-Illegal Events

With a TitanFlex in your stable, not only do you have an ideal training bike, but a top performing race bike if you decide to race in a draft-illegal event that allows innovative frame designs (like USAT, Ironman, or ultracycling). You don’t need to compromise on performance with your “training bike".

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 TitanFlex makes every road feel smooth like fresh pavement. Who wouldn’t like that?