Your cycling performance–not to mention enjoyment–is the summation of several factors. TitanFlex employs innovative and proven technologies to optimize this equation for you.

COMFORT: Boom bikes improve rider comfort by isolating you and your precious plumbing from harsh road surfaces. TITANFLEX utilizes titanium’s inherent resiliency to filter out fatigue-inducing road static. The standard carbon fork quells front-end road chatter. A conventional stand-over design eliminates the thigh-slapping experience other boom bikes may inflict during your out-of-saddle sprints and climbs.

DYNAMIC-FIT: Your physical relationship with a bike–a.k.a. fit–is a complex affair. Several skeletal, muscle strength and flexibility factors suggest your optimum position atop a frame. Fit is also influenced by the nature of your ride. Lacking flexibility, the best time trial position would be untenable for a long ride. Your peak- and off-season forms are likely aches apart! TitanFlex is designed to accommodate these dynamic characteristics of fit. The seat boom telescopes for 8 cm of torso adjustment. A standard 27.2 mm seat post provides conventional vertical adjustment. Multiple length, rise-adjustable (70-130°) stems are included with all component groupos–enabling an incredible range of handlebar positions for both flat- and stiff-back days.

POWER: As machines, we humans are pathetic producers of power–easily outdone by the common leaf blower. That’s why in cycling it’s important for every watt of muscle contraction to find its way to where the rubber meets road. TitanFlex’s compact rear triangle integrated with the 6061 T-6 aluminum monocoque body provides the stiffest platform you’ll ever ride. Ask any owner how well it gobbles up hills.


AERO: About 75% of your power production goes toward overcoming wind resistance. TitanFlex reduces this aerodynamic drag in two significant ways:

1. The short head tube, wing-shaped body, tucked rear wheel, and the absence of a seat tube work in concert to maintain a laminar (non-turbulent) airflow over a minimal frontal area.

2. The DYNAMIC-FIT design mentioned above enables you to comfortably position your body into its lowest-drag/highest power-producing shape. The rest of the drag game is up to you. Can you say skin suit and shoe covers?


WEIGHT: A bike frame’s weight is a fraction of the mass you power up/down the road. A 3.6 lb. TITANFLEX frame and rider are only 1% heavier than that rider would be on the lightest frame money could buy. TITANFLEX’s 6061 T-6 aluminum body and titanium boom won’t stand in the way of your sub-16 lb. dream machine.  Your TitanFlex also serves as a dietary aid...inspiring you to ride more...burning extra calories.

LIFE: Exhaustive engineering analyses, laboratory testing (ouch!), and more than a million road test miles including:

- 16 years in Kona at the IRONMAN Championships

- 19 Race Across America (RAAM) competitions

- Australian transcontinental record performance

...have demonstrated TitanFlex’s ability to carry you well into the new century. After all, performance is also about durability. All frames are made in the USA.

PERFORMANCE: You’ll have good reasons to grin atop a TitanFlex. Your one bike that is...






-elegant and

-infinitely adjustable.

Quite a performance!

Limited Warranty: AIRO-Series, Inc. warrants the original owner of each TitanFlex frame and boom against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten years from the original date of purchase. (The fork is warranted separately by its manufacturer.) This Limited Warranty is not transferable and shall only apply to normal and ordinary use of the frameset. The Warranty Registration Card must be completed and received by AIRO-Series, Inc. before warranty claims can be processed. Should the frame be determined by AIRO-Series to be defective and covered by its Limited Warranty, it will be repaired or replaced, at AIRO-Series option, without further charge. Repairs outside the Limited Warranty coverage can be performed for a nominal charge. The cost of transportation to and from an authorized facility for repair or replacement and any related labor charge is not covered by this warranty, and is to be paid by the owner. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, improper assembly, lack of maintenance, or custom installation of any parts or accessories not originally intended or compatible with the frame as sold. The warranty does not apply to damage or failure resulting from accident, abuse, neglect or Divine intervention.