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24hr Time Trial Worlds 2014

I'm a little late sharing this fun story, but now that the new website and blog are up and running, its about time.6-12-24_Hour_World_Championships___HomewebcatID.png

Tom and I headed out to Borrego last winter to hang out and watch the 6-12-24 Hour World Championships. We had some fun setting up with the race organisers and shooting the breeze with riders. The 24-hour race is a UMCA World Cup event and a RAAM Qualifier, so brought out some serious competition by top ultra riders. One rider in particular, we'll never forget. A canadian dude came up to us in the afternoon before the race (6PM start time). He chatted for a bit with Tom, and then they called me over to join the conversation. Well, this dude, Donn MacDougall, was in a pickle. His airline had lost his bike somewhere between Canada and southern Cal. It turns out, Donn is approximately the same dimensions as I. So, we agreed he'd race on my triathlon bike. He tweaked some position settings, and got himself ready to race in a couple hours. Oh ya, and it was a good thing I had my cycling shoes in my car, they fit him too (and I'm pretty sure I'd rinsed them out since the last time I'd peed during a triathlon bike leg).

Here's Donn in the middle of the night. 

IMG 1463 1 

Tom and I made it on prime-time TV, which was super fun too.

Check us out at 2:40, but the whole coverage is pretty cool. Still, my favorite part is where Sarah Pilla calls us "Special Men." 

The whole race was fun, but meeting Donn and getting to help him out was a highlight I won't soon forget. Of course, theres the problem that my bike has done a 24hr TT, yet I have not. This shameful situation should probably be rectified soon.

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