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Meet our new friends: Hermes Sport

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While both Tom and I coincidentally have Michigan-related histories, Tom and TitanFlex are truly San Diegans (and I’m getting there, after 12 years here). Thanks to year ‘round riding, thriving open water swim scene, and tons of running opportunities, it’s no surprise that San Diego (and southern California) is home to many great triathlon and cycling innovations, indeed the innovation of triathlon itself. Although we’ve got TitanFlex owners riding all over the world (a black TitanFlex once passed me while running in Paris), we’re happy to be in the thick of the San Diego scene. And so, I’d like to introduce you to a San Diego cycling friend of ours, Hermes Sport.Maybe some of you know of Hermes, they’ve been making bespoke wheels for a while, but they’ve got some new wheels and we think they’d look great on a TitanFlex. I’ll let Alex Webster introduce more about Hermes and the wheels below. Going forward, it will be an easy option to add a new set of Hermes wheels with new TitanFlex purchases, just ask us about it. With that as plenty of introduction, I’ll pass it over to Alex:

We're very excited to be working with the Titanflex gang, to provide them with the best possible wheelsets for use aboard their unique, innovative bikes.

We make the new VK line of wheelsets, hand built right here in San Diego.  This is our first system-designed wheel, and a big change of course for us.  Since 2009, Hermes Sport had been a custom wheelbuilder, gaining extensive experience in building precision racing wheels.  This project began in 2012, and since them we've worked to perfect our system, and deliver untouchable performance. No effort was spared in making the VK wheelsets the most optimized around in terms of strength-to-weight, and introduce new technologies never seen before in a bike wheel.  They're now beginning to ship, and we feel we've delivered a set of wheels that deliver the goods in terms of speed and handling, but at the same time are built to be easy to maintain and last for years.

We've built wheels for triathletes for a long time, however in spite of their potential we haven't yet established our new VK wheels in this sphere.  In the process of rectifying this, we are doubly gratified to be working with another awesome local San Diego company to help us get a foothold in the triathlon world.  The Titanflex design is a bonafide race-proven concept, and working with them will help us better establish ourselves as much as our wheels will enhance the performance of their bikes.

Thanks, and happy trails!  Please feel free to read more about what we do at www.hermes-sport.com

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