The TF-20 starts with 4' x 8' sheets of 6061 T-0 (soft) aluminum.

They are water jet cut and stamped into shape over special tooling dies then seam welded together.

The head tube/receiver tube module (below) is attached to the skin, bottom bracket shell and rear triangle in a welding fixture.

TF20 head subassy

After welding, the frame is heated to 985° F for 70 minutes. This near melting experience "smooths out" the heat stress created around the welds. Quick quenched down to room temperature, each frame is then hand-checked for proper alignment on a granite table. Finally, it spends nine hours in a 350° F oven undergoing an "aging" process that brings its strength up to the T-6 level. 

Six different frame sizes wait patiently for future owners to decide the fate of their color and complement of components. 

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